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Why is Jimmy Dimora in Cleveland?

Inquiring minds want to know…why is the former county commissioner back in Cleveland? 

Jimmy Dimora is currently serving a 28 year prison sentence for numerous corruption charges.

When we first broke the news on Twitter that Jimmy Dimora was back in Cuyahoga County and in a cell on the 10th floor of the county jail it unleashed a flood of speculation. 

A confusing picture that got clearer quickly.

Was Jimmy headed for new charges and a day in the arraignment room?

Was he going to turn on his former cronies? 

No.  If he was he would have done it before his trial. 

In all likelihood, Dimora was called back to Cleveland by Prosecutor Timothy McGinty to be quizzed before the grand jury, one investigating the activity involving Ameritrust, a dirty deal that cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Will Dimora testify?  Not likely, a source close to the situation says no way, he'll plead the fifth.  He also calls this grandstanding by prosecutors.

At trial the judge didn't allow Dimora's ethics reports to be used to explain the many gifts he received.  It is the focus of his appeal of his conviction and 28 year sentence.  There is no way if he decided to testify it would lessen his punishment-- that boat has sailed.

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