Young hooligans shoot bike rider after crime spree

Young hooligans shoot bike rider after crime spree

BOSTON HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - On Tuesday, August 27, at 3:30 p.m., two juveniles ages 14 and 15 ran away from an Akron halfway house to spend the afternoon going on a crime spree.

The young criminals jump started their adventure with stealing two bikes then traveling to a Walmart store located in Stow.

Once inside, it is reported that the pair stole, among other things, pellet guns.

The criminal-minded youths then decided to travel to the Bike & Hike Trail in Boston Heights on State Route 303.

There they broke into a car sitting in the parking lot and took several items.

While the pair was rummaging through other's belongings, they encountered a resident bike riding on Boston Mills Road.

Chief Heatwall of the Boston Mills Police Department says one of the teens used a pellet gun to shoot the resident in the back, causing him to wreck his bike.  After the resident fell, the teen shot him several times in the face.

After the incident, police say that the teens used a stolen cell phone to create a braggadocios video of their cruel behavior.

Officers tracked the teens and apprehended them in Boston Township on Boston Mills Road.

Both juveniles were charged with felonies.

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