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Editorial Response: Marc Kotora - Welfare instead of work

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I'm Marc Kotora, an owner of Gallucci's Italian Foods – a small business in Cleveland, Ohio.

Today's welfare system is in direct opposition to the American principles of independence, hard work, and self-reliance.

Studies done by the CATO Institute have shown that in 35 states, including Ohio, welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job. The result is that people are paid more not to work than they would earn at an entry level job. This is not to suggest that welfare recipients are lazy; but they are not stupid either.  If welfare pays more than an entry level job, why work? 

Yet we know that many an entry level job has been the introduction to a successful career. Wendy's founder Dave Thomas started out flipping burgers. Our present welfare system is broken in principle and crippled in practice.  America has prospered because of the independence, diligence, and determination of its people.

Let us not permit a broken welfare system to turn the American dream into the American nightmare.

Thank you.

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