Local Tribute: Commemorative March on Washington marked downtown Cleveland

Local Tribute: Commemorative March on Washington marked downtown Cleveland

As you can imagine, there were plenty of politicians and local leaders at an event in downtown Wednesday. It was a local tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legendary speech.

And there were hundreds of ordinary citizens who came out to be a part of this celebration, including one man who marched in Washington 50 years ago.

"I think it's good. It could be a lot bigger but the people that came out it's a good thing and we're all together as one," said one participant.

Together, different races, religions and all generations.

"I think we can still like fulfill his dream if we try," said Dezare Fitzgerald.

"We just want to keep the dream alive. That's all we want to do," said another participant.

For those who couldn't be in Washington for the celebration, this was a chance to feel a connection to the ceremonies there.

"This is fantastic. I'm so proud right now I could scream.  This is history in the making. I'm proud to be here. Proud to be an American," said Laura Cowan.

One man in the crowd 71-year-old Johnny Benn.

He was at the original March on Washington.

"We've come a long way cause I was born in Macon, Georgia in the '40's and it was segregated. Water fountains. Bathrooms. Toilets," said Johnny Benn.

Johnny Benn moved to Cleveland as a child.

He was 21 back in 1963 at the original march and he said he's just thankful he's still around  to celebrate 50 years later.

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