Cuyahoga County has renewed concentration on bike, boat patrols

Cuyahoga County has renewed concentration on bike, boat patrols

Whether it's crowd control at a neighborhood event, or catching international criminals crossing our border, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department says, they'll be ready.

The County has a renewed concentration on bike and boat patrols with the help of their five-deputy bike unit and a high tech crime fighting boat.

"It's a great advantage because it's a way for us to be very visible and mobile and agile in the way that we respond to public safety situations," said County Executive, Ed Fitzgerald.

"After 9/11 we must be more diligent not only on our streets, but on our shores," said Sheriff Frank Bova.

Bova says Marine II will be patrolling for drunk boaters, and enforcing local laws as far as 25 miles out, where the county still has jurisdiction. Drugs, human trafficking and national security, all among their responsibilities.

"We'll be looking for basically anything that's out of the ordinary that's coming across Canada. Several times a week we go all the way out and patrol across the border. It's the time we live in," said Bova.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald says the county's bike patrol officers will now be expanding their responsibilities, from an initial concentration on downtown crime, to duties in the suburbs, supplementing local law enforcement and assisting with special events.

"In a time especially when budget cuts have hit local governments very tough, a lot of communities have had to cut back on law enforcement. That's happened across the state. This has been a little bit of help when they needed it the most," said Fitzgerald.

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