Dogs at Cleveland Kennel facing death

Dogs at Cleveland Kennel facing death

With its cages in the back full of dogs, strays continue to come in through the front, illustrating why Cleveland's Kennel must euthanize dogs every week.

Marilyn Martin brought a stray in after it showed up at her job.  "Wandered right into the food bank, guess she was hungry."

As soon as one stray is brought to the front,  it is diagnosed with a contagious and often fatal virus.    To other dogs here and immediately goes out the back to be euthanized later.

"We have problems with disease because it is a small space and the ventilation."

Tomorrow 16 dogs are scheduled to be put down.

The facility has 150 dog cages, the majority hold Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes, which is the breed of choice.

But, we are told the kennel would not be overwhelmed by strays if the owners just cared about their pets.

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