NFL did the right thing...finally

Cleveland (WOIO) - The NFL did the right thing on Thursday, reaching a settlement in the concussion lawsuit, and immediately there were critics.

Some, including former players, say $765 million isn't enough, especially when you consider how much the league will be worth in 20 years, when the bill has to be paid in full. Others say NFL players know what they're getting into when they put on the pads and take the field; therefore, they don't deserve money, or sympathy.  Both groups miss the point.

The plaintiffs in this case, more than 4500 former players, didn't sue the league simply for the money. They sued because they were lied to, misled, and neglected when it came to the diagnosis and treatment of concussions. And yes, they willingly signed up to play a violent game. Most, if not all, would do it again. But they'd also likely be more cautious, in their rehab, and their comebacks, from concussions, and that would require the honest information and proper care that they didn't get years ago.

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