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Napoleon man charged with rape of minor

Daniel Gonzales Daniel Gonzales
NAPOLEON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

ANapoleon man is behind bars after being charged with rape and gross sexualimposition.

Thosewho lived near 57-year-old Daniel Gonzales say they were shocked and disgustedwhen they heard what happened.

"Tohear something like this, it just totally catches you off-guard," said TeresaWard.

Gonzaleshas been charged with raping a child under the age of 13, and causing two otherchildren, also under age 13, to engage in sexual contact.

ProsecutorJohn Hanna says sex crimes are more common than many people may think, butcases like this are especially hard to hear about.

"It'salways more difficult, especially when there are children involved," Hannasaid. "It's never easy to [work on a case with] any of the sex offenses,because they're always traumatic for the victim."

Knowingthe victims were so young hits close to home for Ward.

"I'vegot grandkids, too," she said. "And to think that somebody would do somethingto them – I don't know what I would do."

Gonzaleswaved his preliminary hearing Thursday morning. Hanna says they'll take thecase to the grand jury.

"Ijust can't believe someone would do something like this to kids," Ward said. "Thosekids never hurt anybody, and to have to go through something like this, it'snot fair."

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