Cleveland is becoming more bike friendly

More and more people are biking downtown, and now riders are pushing for more amenities and safety awareness.

On Friday, RTA and Bike Cleveland collaborated on the "Share the Road' Campaign.

"I think a lot of people want to be more environmentally friendly, they want to be more heath conscious and it's just a great way to get to work," said Jacob Van Sickle, who is a member of Bike Cleveland.

According to Bike Cleveland, commuting to work in the city of Cleveland has increased by 280 percent in the last ten years. Bike Cleveland also expects that number to continue to increase.

RTA reports that in 2012, bike racks on buses and trains were used 50,000 times, and those numbers are expected to be even higher this year.

Bike Cleveland hopes to see more facilities like the Cleveland bike rack on East 4th Street to encourage more people.

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