Mystery Illness killing dogs

CANAL FULTON, OH (WOIO) - Experts are still trying to get to the bottom of what killed three dogs at a the Pet Spot in Cincinnati.  The dogs were extremely lethargic, had bloody diarrhea and were vomiting. Some may have thought what happened at the Pet Spot was an isolated incident, but in just the past week, four dogs with similar gastrointestinal symptoms showed up at the Elm Ridge Animal Hospital in Canal Fulton.

Dr. Melanie Butera says the dogs she treated had the same symptoms as the ones in Cincinnati.  One even died.

The illness comes on fast.  Some dogs survive, but it's important to get medical help as soon as your dog is showing signs of possibly having the sickness.

"There is no next day with this. The dogs can do down hill within 48 hours, so we are just urging people, if your dog acts sick, to go to your vet especially if you start to see vomiting or bloody diarrhea," says Dr. Butera.

Dr. Butera says the problem may be more widespread than originally thought.  She says other veterinarians in the Canal Fulton area have also reported seeing dogs with symptoms of the mystery illness.