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Clevelanders react to Syrian government attacks

Father Naim Khalil of the St. Elais Church (WOIO) Father Naim Khalil of the St. Elais Church (WOIO)

On a warm holiday weekend dozens gather in Cleveland to celebrate at the Middle East Festival, but many minds are thinking about what's happening thousands of miles away in Syria.

Father Naim Khalil of the St. Elais Church has family in Syria and is concerned.

"War doesn't lead to anywhere and we pray for peace.  This is terrible. Innocent people died for earthly things to protect authority or to protect the land to protect regime," said father Naim Khalil.

President Obama could be getting closer to a military strike against Syria.

"We are looking at limited narrow action," said President Obama early Friday afternoon.

On Friday Secretary of State John Kerry reviewed several pages of a troubling unclassified US government report that pretty much makes it clear that Syrian President Bashar Assad carried out a large scale chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburbs.

"We know where the rockets were launched from, at what time and when they landed," said Secretary of State John Kerry.

The unclassified report says the nerve agent fired killed more than 14,000 people including 426 children.

"We saw rows of children lying side by side, sprawled on a hospital floor-- dead from Assad's gas."

Now many here in northeast Ohio are praying that more innocent people don't die.

"I think that's going to trigger more upheaval in the region," said Nick Abboud.

"We have to teach people to be a real example of god's peace in us," explained Father Khalil.

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