Stolen dog returned to rescue group

Stolen dog returned to rescue group

STREETSBORO, OH (WOIO) - Raya, the stolen black lab from Petco in Macedonia, has been found.

On Saturday, August 31, members of Canine Lifeline, a dog rescue group, reported that Raya had been stolen from an adoption event at Petco.

The adopting family was devastated when they were told that Raya had been taken before they could welcome her into their family.

On Sunday, September 1, at about 8 p.m., a Streetsboro man who we will refer to as Andrew, noticed that the post of one of his Facebook friends had the picture of a black lab that looked just like Raya.  He was also familiar with one of the founders of Canine Lifeline.  As it turned out, the author of the post was one of the two girls that the organization described as responsible for stealing Raya.  Apparently the father of one of the girls told her that she could not keep the dog, so she was looking to give Raya to someone.

Fortunately Andrew went into action and was able to secure the dog and return her.

The organization says that they do not plan to pursue charges and are just happy that Raya has been returned safely.

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