Talk of Syria at annual Labor Day Parade

Talk of Syria at annual Labor Day Parade

Shaw High School's Marching Band rocked the 11th Congressional District Community Caucus's Annual Labor Day Parade.

Young and old came together to celebrate their communities and the people who make them special on a day that makes everyone feel just that much more patriotic.

The situation in Syria something that we found many had strong opinions about.

"They should stay out of it and tend to what's going on in the United States not across the sea," said Dawn Laster Peacock of Cleveland.

But how do you turn a blind eye to the horror that the Syrian Government is accused of unleashing on its own people including hundreds of children?

"I think they need to go in and really send a clear message, send a clear message - not some passive message that what you are doing is wrong and that the world will not stand for it," added Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed.

President Obama now says he'll let Congress vote on what the next step should be, but at first he said the U.S. would get involved.

"I think that Barrack should have stayed strong, should have stayed the course in Syria. If they are bombing and gassing children we need to tell them that's unacceptable," said City Councilman Kevin Conwell.

Some want to make sure we don't do anything alone.

"If a campaign is going to take place, I believe it should be a unified joint effort with the U.N., United Nations, no just the sole primary focus - U.S., we've been spread out enough," said Abdul Rashid of Cleveland.

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