SUICIDE: leading cause of death in prison

SUICIDE: leading cause of death in prison

(WOIO) - "Death by Suicide" is a way of life in prison, and Ohio correction facilities are no exception.  WOIO Chief Investigator Carl Monday looked into the disturbing trend of prisoners who take their own lives behind bars.  Over a twelve year period, 2,180 prisoners committed suicide in a state prison.  That means a prisoner has a better chance of taking his own life, than being murdered or overdosing on drugs behind bars.

A recent Justice Department study shows Ohio had the ninth most suicides at state correction facilities, with sixty-three over a twelve year span.  The study, of course, does not include the overnight death of Ariel Castro, or last month's suicide of convicted murderer Bill Slagle.  Slagle was scheduled to be executed August 7 for killing a Cleveland woman in 1987.  Just before he was set to be put on suicide watch, he was found hanged in his cell at the Chillicothe Correction Facility.

Hanging is the preferred method used by most prison and jail suicide victims---93%.  Two of every three die using their own bed sheet.

If there's any positive news, Ohio's prison suicide rate is actually slightly lower than the national average.  Twelve of every 100,000 Ohio prisoners ended their own lives in confinement.

Still, suicide continues to be a leading cause of death in prison and jails in Ohio...and across the country.

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