Psych Dr. weighs speaks about Castro's suicide

Psych Dr. weighs speaks about Castro's suicide

Life is prison doesn't necessarily mean a long time.

Just weeks ago Ariel Castro was competent for trial but now he's dead.

Castro was sent to prison to start his "life" sentence but that wouldn't even mean 60 days.

So what made Castro snap and commit suicide?

Dr. Phillip Resnick runs the Cuyahoga County Court Psych Clinic.

He tested Castro and saw no signs of suicidal thoughts before his guilty plea.  He says he heard what everyone else heard in court.

"I just wanted to clear the record. I'm not a monster. I did not prey on these women," proclaimed Ariel Castro.

"Possible that he had suicidal thoughts before and just covered them.  I would think it's more likely this was triggered by some stressful events," says Dr. Resnick.

Dr. Resnick wonders what happened in prison.

Did other inmates or guards taunt Castro?

Did he suddenly fully realize he was locked up for good?

Dr. Resnick says the suicide rate in prison is twice as high as it is on the streets.

19 Action News learned that an inmate killed himself last October in the same prison  and under protective custody just like Castro.

He did not convey suicidally to me. So that was not for seeable to me," explains Dr. Resnick.

"I'm sick. My sexual problems been so bad on my mind," said Castro.

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek asked the doctor about a letter Castro wrote in 2004.

In the letter he admitted to being a sex predator and writing about killing himself yet he waited until now to take his life.

"This letter in '04 shows he was struggling to deal with it all," says Dr. Resnick.

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