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PHOTO: Beer-soaked kitten found in closed trash bag inside dumpster

Annie Oakley (Source:  Portage APL) Annie Oakley (Source: Portage APL)

A kitten is recovering after being tossed in a Portage County dumpster over the Labor Day holiday.

A woman heard a kitten crying from inside a dumpster in Ravenna. She pulled out a closed garbage bag, opened it and found the tiny kitten covered in beer, fleas and very weak. 

The kitten was taken to the Portage APL, and after a thorough evaluation, the female kitten was found to have a head tilt (maybe a neurological problem or abuse), fleas and tapeworms. She was also emaciated, dehydrated and in general poor health. 

A veterinary exam showed the kitten was actually about eight weeks old. She was given fluids, flea medication, a de-worming medication, a bath, food and lots of love. 

"We are not sure why someone would have thrown her out like garbage," said Chalan Lowry, Portage APL Executive Director.  "But we are so thankful someone heard her cries. Her hours inside that bag were numbered."

The kitten, named Annie Oakley, is in foster care gaining weight and recovering from her ordeal. Annie should be available in the coming weeks if all goes well. Follow up visits to the veterinarian will also be in her future to determine if her head tilt is permanent or temporary.

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