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"Immature human skeletal remains" found in search for toddler

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A Friday press conference in Toledo reveals that the search for a missing toddler may have come to an end. Toledo Police confirmed that Thursday, they found immature human skeletal remains in a box in a garage near where she was last seen. But the case involving what happened to 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth remains open, and many questions about the investigation itself still linger.

Police Chief Derrick Diggs made a bold statement as to who he believes the remains belong to, however, saying, "We wanted to find that baby, and we did."

On Thursday, Toledo Police removed a box containing human remains from a garage near Steven King's home at 704 Federal Street in east Toledo. An exclusive Toledo News Now source with knowledge of the investigation, said investigators removed a package from a garage in an alley off Prentice Street in east Toledo. The person could not say what was in the package, but said it was turned over to the Lucas County Coroner's Office.

Later that day, Lucas County Coroner James Patrick confirmed that the box did contain human remains. He says Dr. Diane Barnett, Deputy Lucas County Coroner, was with police when the remains were found. Patrick says those remains were to be autopsied Friday morning.

Dr. Diane Scala-Barnett and Dr. Julie Saul, from the Lucas County Coroner's Office, released the following statement Friday afternoon:

"The box, recovered from the upper level of the garage located at 704 Federal, contains immature human skeletal remains. Because the skeletal remains are so immature, it is not possible to determine the sex of the deceased therefore DNA is necessary.

"DNA samples have already been submitted to BCI for analysis. DNA is the most accurate and scientific procedure to confirm identity and sex in this case.

"Anthropologic examination is still ongoing.

"Toxicology is pending.

"Cause and manner of death will be assigned when all parts of the autopsy have been completed."

The Toledo News Now source said Steven King, Elaina's mother's ex-boyfriend, was removed from the Lucas County Jail and taken to the Safety Building to speak with police.

Toledo Police say they executed a search warrant at the King residence on Federal Street - based on new information received in the case.

Elaina has been missing since June 2, 2013.

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