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Why football rules America


Cleveland (WOIO) - America's pastime kicked off on Thursday night, and make no mistake, it's football, not baseball, that rules the USA.

There are many theories for that. It's faster, with more action. It's more suited to TV, in a TV-driven world. And let's not forget about the gamblers, professional and amateur, who kicked off their busiest season on Thursday night as well.

But there's also the perception that in football, many more teams have a legitimate chance. Think about it. You could pick almost half of the 32 teams in the NFL and give them at least a plausible chance of making a Super Bowl run. After all, nobody picked the New York Giants...either time...against the Patriots. Overall, there have been 11 different cities celebrating Super Bowl titles in the past 15 years.

Ironically, baseball is right with 'em when it comes to multiple contenders. For all the attention paid to the Red Sox and Yankees, Dodgers and Angels, and other big-market clubs, there have been 10 different cities celebrating World Series titles in the past 15 years.

The difference is, there almost all big market clubs in baseball, while in football, you have the Packers, Steelers, and Saints.

And that's why perception is reality, and the perception among football fans is that their team has a shot. Most baseball fans cannot say the same.

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