Police investigates death of missing Lakewood woman

Woman found dead inside Elbur Manor apts in Lakewood
Woman found dead inside Elbur Manor apts in Lakewood


Lakewood Police Department continues to investigate a woman found dead inside an apartment building.

Authorities found the woman in a closet inside a unit of Elbur Manor apartments on Detroit Avenue.

The woman had not been seen by friends since August 20.

On August 30 the apartment building manager contacted the Lakewood Police Department.

He had not seen the resident for some time and had been taking care of her cat in the apartment. 

Officers responded and found the apartment neat and orderly except for the cat which had defecated and urinated throughout the apartment. 

The resident was not located and the manager reported he would continue to look after the cat.

On Sept. 4, a friend filed a missing persons report. On Sept. 5, officers responded to the apartment again and found the woman dead.

The victim has not been positively identified, but Lakewood Police say a male is in custody in connection with this case.

He's in Lakewood jail on no bond pending arraignment.

The victim's cause of death has not been released.

Police and BCI are investigating the incident.

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