POLICE: Child found in home with working meth lab

STREETSBORO, OH (WOIO) - A three-year-old child has been removed from a home in Portage County.

Police say Streetsboro officers went to the home on Crownwood Ct to arrest the residents, Jeremy Brown, 36, and Danielle Ury, 32 on warrants.

When they entered the home they could see a thick smoky haze in the air and could smell a strong odor of chemicals.

They also found a three-year-old child in the home.  The home was evacuated and agents went back in wearing haz-mat gear and found a working meth lab.

Both Brown and Ury were charged with additional charges of illegal manufacture of drugs, both first degree felonies because of the child being in the home at the time.

Both were taken to the Portage County Jail to await arraignment.

The three-year-old child and other children of the two adults that were not home at the time were placed with Portage County Jobs and Services.

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