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For the love of Cleveland, win the opener!

I'm a firm believer that Opening Day in baseball is over rated. That does not mean I don't think it's special! I just think that the casual baseball fan puts too much emphasis on whether they win or lose the game. In football, I can't say the same thing.

NFL teams play a tenth of the games a baseball team does, so every win feels like a major step forward while every loss feels like a major setback. That alone is enough to want to win in Week 1, but for the Browns, a win in the opener would mean even more.

Browns fans have seen exactly one win, 2004 against Baltimore, in the season opener since their return. One victory would do so much for this place. It doesn't mean they'd make the playoffs, or even win eight games, but just to have a good taste in your mouth right out of the gate would be such a change of pace.

For once, get the fans out the door not thinking "same old Browns."  For all we know, they might be the same old Browns, but if they are, at least have the decency to wait a week or two before sending the faithful back to their misery! Beat Miami! They aren't that good, we're not asking for too much, are we?

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