Browns Muni Lot Traffic Nightmare

Cleveland, OH - It's the sound that's music to a Browns fan's ears.  Tailgaters barking and yelling, "Here we go Brownies; here we go!!!"

But some of the sights that went along with the start of the first regular game of the Browns season were not so welcome - bumper to bumper traffic that was so slow that you could see men in orange tights and jerseys hanging out on the medians.

One Browns party camper had to pushed by a bunch of fans because it appeared to have run out of gas. Tailgaters waited for hours just to try to get into the Cleveland Municipal Lot.

"Two and a half hours now," shouted one fan when he was asked how long he waited to get into the lot.

It seems a dog gone shame the city didn't stick to what they did last year to ease traffic jams leading up to the Muni lot.  Last year after the first game traffic debacle a decision was made  to open the lot earlier than seven a.m.

"They definitely need to open this earlier so we can get in here. It will save a lot of problems," yelled someone else who had been parked along the highway.

In fact, some Muni lot regulars found themselves setting up their tailgate party in an entirely different place after being turned away.

"The Muni lot was full, but the parking lot was not, but they were still cutting off all traffic that was going to it," said Ryan Ryel of Mentor.

"It's pretty frustrating because every year everybody knows what to do, and everybody has a schedule that they go by, and it's totally thrown out of whack this year which is totally frustrating," explained Mark Mackura of Madison.

But the tailgate party must go on, and despite everything, Browns fans don't seem to have lost sight of the bigger picture.

"All that matters is a Browns victory today. So we are just going to party here, and have a good time," said Steve McCale of Girard with a smile.

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