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Meet the new Browns, same as the old Browns

Games like the one on Sunday are why I've grown tired about how there is, once again, a New Browns. From what we saw in the opener, these are the Same Old Browns. Bad quarterbacking? Check. Dropped passes? Check. Lack of touchdowns? Check. Buster Skrine getting torched? Check.

I hate to sound like Johnny Rain Cloud, but spare us the "things have changed" line until they've actually changed. We've heard that enough times over the years. The team brass and coaches may have changed, but the result sure didn't. A loss. Is it possible that this was just a one week thing? Sure, but why in the world should we assume that's the case and that it will all be better next week?

This team needs better play from the quarterback (how many years have we been saying that?) and receivers that actually catch the ball (and that?). It's ridiculous.

Yes, it's one week. But it's one week that looked exactly like the hundreds of weeks we've seen in Cleveland since 1999. When it really does look the same, don't expect us to assume it's different just because you're telling us it is. The scoreboard is telling us something different. It has been for going on 15 years.

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