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Ohio AG: New hazardous waste containers to aid meth lab clean-up

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine unveiled new hazardous material containers on Monday that will be used to help cut the cost and time associated with meth lab clean-up. 

It is a containment vessel where the residue of meth labs that are busted can be stored. The stuff is hazardous and currently, officers must stay on a crime scene with the materials until a team from a disposal contractor can come and clean it up.

Now, the waste can be brought to the North Canton site and stored. The contractors can pick up materials from several busts all at once lowering the cost of disposal, and freeing up officers from crime scene protection, allowing them to do other enforcement.

"They face the chance of injury or death in each one of these cases," said Ohio AG DeWine. "While dismantling a lab last year, one of our BCI agents suddenly found himself in the center of an explosion. His protective gear saved his life."

The North Canton site was selected because it is on the grounds of a highway patrol barracks, therefore is guarded 24 hours a day.

The cost of the containers is about $7,000, there are five strategically located throughout the state with plans for two more.

So far this year, law enforcement agencies have reported a record number of 770 meth lab seizures in Ohio.

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