Akron's mayor not exempt from foreclosure company

Akron's mayor not exempt from foreclosure company

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - A mortgage company is foreclosing on a home owned by Akron's mayor.

Mayor Don Plusquellic bought the home in 2008 with his girlfriend at the time Melissa Barnhart. They broke up and she continued to live there and pay the mortgage.

Last Thursday after the home was on the market for two years the mortgage company filed  for foreclosure.

The mayor had no idea.

"I had no idea the mortgage was in arrears. I think there is a message there," said Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic.

The house is listed at $269,900.  A sale was set to go thru in August, but it didn't.

It's a nice looking house on W. Exchange street across from a park.

The mayor says its not a tax foreclosure and if it an happen to him and he's not notified it can happen to anybody.

"If they don't reach out to someone who is like me where you can find me almost everyday then you might think it's happening to a lot of people who are struggling and trying to make ends meet," said Mayor Plusquellic.

The mayor owes around $239,000 on the house.

So far we have been unable to get a response from the mortgage company.

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