Can Weeden be "the guy"?

Cleveland (WOIO) - It seems so much easiereverywhere else. Other rookie QB's jump in, and somehow get the job done. GenoSmith wasn't even a lock to start the Jets opener, yet once he got the call, hefound a way to win his NFL debut. And other second-year quarterbacks make theleap. Ryan Tannehill isn't Aaron Rodgers, at least not yet, but clearly he hasthe poise and precision to take it to the next level. One game in, we're justnot seeing that with Brandon Weeden.

The biggest issue isn't the offensive line.Tannehill got roughed up in the second quarter on Sunday, as the Browns rackedup four sacks, but still settled down and found a way to win. And the issueisn't the lack of weapons. Name a Patriots receiver not named Gronkowski. Andthe issue is no longer the playbook. Chud and Norv have designed an offense tomake Weeden look better. And there's no way of getting around it. Sunday, helooked worse.

He looked like a guy who's just not a natural atthat position. He looked like a baseball pitcher trying to play quarterback,using his 90mph fastball, even when the throw required touch. And he lookedlike a player who's either struggling to read a defense, or just doesn'tinstinctively have a feel for the game.

Maybe Josh Gordon comes back, and Weeden lightsup the Vikings in Week 3. I wouldn't rule it out. He's got the gun, and bythen, he'll have his top target back. But week in and week out, I'm starting towonder if this is going to be a struggle. And to me, the NFL is pretty clearcut, especially in 2013: either you have the guy, or you don't. Sunday'sperformance led nobody to believe that the Browns finally do.

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