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Streaking fan's losing streak in court

Anthony Saveriano in court Anthony Saveriano in court
Streaker Anthony Saveriano at Browns game Streaker Anthony Saveriano at Browns game

The Cleveland Browns fan who bared it all at a preseason game will not be able to dodge a possible trial. Anthony Saveriano's bid to get a break from the court was denied by a judge in court on Tuesday.

Anthony Saveriano, 20, ran naked on the field during Cleveland's preseason game against Detroit last month. Saveriano got tackled by one Detroit player, but managed to break free. He made it all the way to the tunnel before he got busted by security.

Saveriano had hoped to get into a diversion program for first time offenders rather than have a trial, but the judge ruled that he didn't qualify. Saveriano's lawyer then asked for more time so that a possible deal could be worked out. That will happen later this month.

Reporter Paul Orlousky asked Saveriano the million dollar question outside of the courtroom - what were you thinking?

"Can we talk to you real quick?" Orlousky asked.

"Uh, not right now," Saveriano said.

"What were you thinking, what was going through your head?" Orlousky asked.

"A little over exuberant at a game, it's not the worst case we've ever heard in Cleveland," Saveriano's lawyer, Fred Crosby, said.

"You think he would have been as excited if he had seen the Browns performance this Sunday?" Orlousky asked.

Saveriano is due back in court on September 25.

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