Man facing charges for shooting neighbor's kitten

Man facing charges for shooting neighbor's kitten

A man is facing charges for shooting a neighbor's kitten with a BB gun, and Cleveland police believe he may be to blame for another shooting.

A charge of animal cruelty has been filed against Daryl Wilson.

Monday night on Storer Avenue, a neighbor told 19 Action News the kitten ran under Wilson's car, and he flew into a rage, shooting it with a BB gun.

The kitten belonged to the Sanchez family across the street. The family says a doctor at an animal hospital later decided the kitten had to be put to sleep.

According to a police report, officers have wondered whether Wilson also shot into a campaign van for council candidate Nelson Cintron on Monday night. The driver heard popping, and he then noticed two guys sitting on Wilson's porch.

Wilson is due on court Wednesday morning.

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