How has security changed since 9/11/01?

How has security changed since 9/11/01?

The 9/11 attacks marked a change in how the nation thought about security in the air and on the ground.  The incident ushered in sweeping changes across the country – including here in Cleveland.

The impacts of 9/11 can be felt the most at facilities designed for large gatherings such as sporting event stadiums and airports across the country where security has definitely become stricter.

Stadiums are one of the places considered "soft targets" and 12 years ago would not have been prepared to deal with terrorist emergencies.

Now there are several contingency plans in place that involve using cameras, buffer zones and increased staff with special training.

Citizens also have to deal with restrictions on personal liberties like those of the new NFL bag policy and limitations on the size of travel items when flying.

Security and law enforcement have made many things in our lives more compact and transparent in the name of safety.

The cost of security is high, costing Americans more than one trillion dollars and many wonder are we any safer.

A new poll shows that the chance of an American getting killed by a terrorist act is 1 in 20 million; others say it's as low as 1 in 3.5 million.

The people that 19 Action News spoke to say that the American government is doing a good job keeping the country safe.

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