Search for Answers: Taylor Robinson remembered at neighborhood vigil

Search for Answers: Taylor Robinson remembered at neighborhood vigil
Vigil for Taylor Robinson in Akron, OH
Vigil for Taylor Robinson in Akron, OH

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Detectives showed up Carmilla Robinson's Akron home Wednesday to tell her that they positively identified her daughter. It's news no parent should have to hear -- the remains of Taylor Robinson have been identified.

"She wasn't a child that deserved to have her body in a park," said Carmilla Robinson.

Standing outside an Akron home just feet from where a missing persons poster is still taped to the front porch a heartbroken Carmilla Robinson finds the strength to speak just hours after learning the troubling news about her 19-year old daughter.

"Now we have closure, she's found -- she's not a lost child anymore," said Carmilla.

Taylor's family prayed for a happy ending to a story that began four months ago when she went missing and now with the confirmation that this is no longer a missing persons mystery, are even more questions for the person who inflicted evil upon their loved one.

"I just don't understand why you felt you had to hurt her. You could have just given her back. You could have just brought her back home," said Carmilla.

Closure, yet, still sadness. Who took Taylor away from this heartbroken mother and family? That person still out there.

And just as Carmilla Robinson found the strength to speak out she says she must continue to stay strong until justice is served.

"My family cries with me. When I hurt they hurt," added Carmilla.

Investigators are working to find out how Taylor died. Her family is now planning her funeral.

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