Members of LGBT not happy with the city

Members of LGBT not happy with the city

Members of Cleveland's gay and lesbian community are not happy with the city after a warning letter was sent to a nightclub where two hate crimes just took place.

The two hate crimes occurred recently at Cocktails Bar in Cleveland.

Jared Fox was attacked and says, "They just kept hitting and hitting and hitting."

He also said they were calling him names like faggot and queer.

That attack was caught on security cameras.

The second hate crime consisted of kids throwing rocks at customers on the patio while tossing out gay slurs.

After the first hate crime the city of Cleveland sent Cocktails owner Brian Lyons a warning letter.  The city believes nine response calls to Cocktails was boarding on a nuisance level.

The letter asked Lyons to put together a plan to eliminate the problem.

The calls include complaints of fights, disturbances and robbery.

"We were insulted by the issuing of the letter.  It was a slap in the face," said Cocktails spokesperson Rick Scardino.

Marty Flask, the city's Public Safety Director calls the time of the warning letter an unfortunate coincidence.

"If I had to do it over again and made the connection between that address and the hate crimes the person would of never been sent a letter," added Flask.

Flask has rescinded the letter and tells 19 Action News the city gets more than 700,000 response calls in a year and this year has sent out 224 warning letters.

People who live  in this neighborhood want the city to do more homework before  tossing out warning letters.

"I was very disappointed. I think with the level of hate crimes  going on in the city there should of been something more going on that letter sounded very disrespectful," said Elizabeth Ladrach.

The city has  already reached out and met with the owners of Cocktails in order to properly address the concerns in the neighborhood.

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