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House condemned after CNT bust


Garden City officials have condemned a house after a drug bust. The Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team team raided a home Thursday, taking six people into custody.

What was supposed to be a routine check from the city, turned to out to be a shocking surprise. No one was home and windows were blown out after investigators fired tear gas into the house.

City officials say they have come to the house several times and that the people who lived there had only been there for a couple of months.

Investigators said they were stealing water from neighbors by running a water hose underground. City officials also say the residents were told to cut their grass and remove debris because it was a hazard.

CNT is conducting the investigation, but haven't released the names of the six people taken into custody or why.

Several folks in the area say they knew something suspicious was going on because they saw a lot of different cars come and go from the house.

City officials said they are trying to contact the homeowner who lives in South Carolina to let him know his house has been condemned.

A dog was also left behind and animal control is supposed to pick it up.

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