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100 stray cats spreading sickness in Jerry City

JERRY CITY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Feralcats are being blamed for making people sick in Jerry City, so an emergencyordinance was passed to trap them.

About100 feral cats are spreading ringworm in the small town. Now the town has hiredsomeone to trap them.

Councilmembers say trapping the feral cats is critical to keeping residents safe. Sofar, there have been 18 cases of ringworm in people, and two in dogs. One childwas infected with MERSA.

"Thiswas perfectly legal," said Council President Laurence Boon. "We did everythingby the book, as best we knew."

Butresidents say it's not just alley cats being trapped.

"Myneighbor lost four [cats], I lost one, and they were trapping on the lotbetween us," said Fred Bowerman.

Bowermansays his cat Bella has been missing since late August, and he thinks his worstfear has come true.

"[Ithink] she's met a painful death," he said.

Bowermansays the death was unnecessary, but parents dealing with the aftermath of sickchildren say it was a necessary evil.

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