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Storm knocks out power in Coastal Empire


About 3,000 Coastal Empire Georgia Power lost electricity for three hours Friday night.

Most people just settled in and lit candles or grabbed flashlights through the outage, but some celebrated in true Savannah style -- with a party.

Christopher Morrison was planning an open house for his Gordon Street Salon, Christopher's, complete with candlelight, wine and hors d'ourves.

Those candles ended up coming in handy when the lights went out about 6 p.m.

"I thought that they staged it actually so it would be a romantic atmosphere," party guest Abagail Thompson said.

Morrison's guests were supposed to get their hair done. But the sweltering heat, they joked that their "do's" turned out a little frizzy and flat.

Neighbor Judith Parker wasn't having as much fun.

"My freezer is full, plus I have all my tomato sauce that I made over the summer, so I'm just hoping that that power comes back," she said.

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