FIRE AFTERMATH: Firefighter recovering, families and businesses displaced

FIRE AFTERMATH: Firefighter recovering, families and businesses displaced

Cleveland Firefighter and father, Bobby Kollar is home today and getting much deserved hugs.

Last night on Friday, September 13, he was among 60 firefighters who took on a massive apartment fire at E. 130th and Buckeye.

Kollar ended up at the hospital after a huge piece of metal fell on his head.

"Mark said he watched my shoulders come up head go down and me drop down to my knees," says Bobby.

The man that Bobby is referring to is Mark Dephillips, another firefighter who was also injured.

Mark was treated and released.

Both men went back into harm's way after getting hurt.

"Any other firefighter would do the same thing. Get up and continue working as much as possible, I'm so glad they're safe, "says Mark.

Ismaila Sy owns I-S Fashion on the bottom floor.  He called 911 once he realized the fire had ripped through all three floors of the building.  He was worried about the residents that lived upstairs with their kids.

"I was because it was bad."

One resident, Deliha Moore, had this to say about the fiery incident, "When I got up, a ball of fire shot up through the floor of the apartment, so I grabbed my daughter and the dog ran out the back door down stairs to get out of the building."

Nine families in all in all were displaced by the fire, including 13 adults and six children.

Ismaila estimates about a $500,000 loss but managed to find a perspective check and some peace of mind amid all this destruction.

"I'm alive and healthy," he says.

When 19 Action News Reporter Dawn Kendrick asked if he thought he'd be able to reopen, he said "Yes. I'm a fighter.  That's life.  It could have turned out much worse for a lot of us but it didn't. Amen. Somebody's watching over us."

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