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Little results- lots of drops

I consider myself a patient person, too patient in some cases, and even I'm through with Greg Little. I commend him for his effort in camp of trying to get better. He really did bust his butt with extra work on his own and with Brandon Weeden. Doing it in practice is one thing, doing it in a game is another.  The guy can't play.

Little had his usual assortment of drops on Sunday in Baltimore, balls clanging off his hands that would've produced first downs. Sure, one would've been a touch catch in traffic, but good NFL receivers make those kinds of catches every week, and also make the routine grabs. Little seems to struggle with both.

Josh Gordon will be back for Week 3 in Minnesota. If that doesn't phase Little completely out of the offense, I don't know what will. Jordan Cameron clearly has developed chemistry with Weeden. Gordon already had his confidence. Davone Bess has come on to (usually) be a reliable veteran, although he made two mistakes against the Ravens as well (ball off his hands, cut a route short on a 3rd down). Weeden has other options, it's hard to believe he'll still consider Little a legitimate one.

Little was a key piece in the Julio Jones trade. There were other picks involved, but the deal essentially turned into Phil Taylor, Brandon Weeden and Greg Little for Jones. The feeling was that if you could get your QB, a nice defensive tackle, and still come away with a receiver in that deal, you'd done a good job. Well, they did not get a receiver that actually receives, and the jury is still out on Weeden. That trade is starting to look like a bust, Little has already reached that status.

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