Greg Little not alone when it comes to bad driving records

Greg Little not alone when it comes to bad driving records

We're taking a closer look at the latest mark on an already bad driving record for Browns receiver Greg Little, and we're finding that many people are just like him.

Cleveland Police say Monday morning they stopped Little running a stop sign and driving with a suspended license.

19 Action News has learned Little does not have an Ohio license, but he does have a license from North Carolina that was suspended just days ago because of an unpaid ticket in Florida.

How many of your neighbors are behind the wheel when they shouldn't be?

In 2010, we found in Cleveland, 18,000 drivers were caught driving with no license or a suspended license,14,000 with no insurance, and about two-out-of-three drivers ignored court warrants for their arrests.

So some fans say, don't pick on Little, while others say, it's time to take some personal responsibility and start doing the right thing.

We've shown you Little has a history of traffic tickets and failing to go to court. Just last month, he told 19 Action News, he'd slow down and start making sure he took care of his court cases.

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