Little reason to keep this receiver

Cleveland (WOIO) - Will the light ever go on for Greg Little? And I don't mean the ones with the siren. Just weeks after apologizing for his traffic trangressions, including a speeding ticket, and an accident in which Little admitted he'd hit 127 miles per hour on the speedometer, Little was cited again, for running a stop sign early Monday morning, and, even worse, driving with a suspended license. This, just hours after his fourth-quarter drop went a long way towards helping the Browns suffer their second straight loss.

I've defended Little in the past, through Twitter issues, dropped passes and speeding tickets (127? Really?!!). But if I was in charge of the Browns on Monday, I would have cut him loose. Not only because his latest traffic issue makes a mockery of his recent apology, but because it would have sent a direct message to his good friend Josh Gordon, another wide receiver who can't keep it at 65, and who just returned from a two-game suspension for violating the league's substance-abuse policy.

Gordon's suspension crushed this team right out of the gate. He's one of their few playmakers on offense, and they missed him even more than many imagined. Gordon was asked if he's learned his lesson on Monday, considering his next suspension will cost him a full season. He said all the right things. Well, most of the right things. When asked about his speeding ticket, for going 98, Gordon said basically that it's tough to keep it at 65 because, well, he drives a "pretty fast car".

Two receivers that just don't get it. One's coming back. The other one should have been shown the door.

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