Anne Goodman's Editorial

Anne Goodman's Editorial

I am Anne Goodman of the Cleveland Foodbank.

Hunger is a year-round problem. Often, we think of those in need at the holidays when we are most thankful for our own blessings. But for hundreds of thousands of people in our area, getting enough nutritious food every day is a challenge. 52-million meals are missed annually in the Cleveland Foodbank's service area as people give up food to pay for rent, utilities or medicine.

Without nutritious food, children won't develop properly or learn in school because they can't concentrate. Seniors are living longer and may be struggling on fixed incomes to find enough to eat while maintaining ever more fragile health.

The mission of the Cleveland Foodbank is to ensure that everyone in the communities we serve has the nutritious food they need every day through both food distribution and food stamp outreach. We can't do this without you. It is a caring community we live in and those who live here and who fall on hard times are fortunate that together we won't let hunger get the best of us.

Thank you.

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