Kidnapping Victim Rescued, Abductor Arrested

A quick thinking gas station clerk and swift police work help safely rescue a kidnapping victim this morning.

In a matter of just six hours, Cleveland Police were alerted to the abduction, then tracked down the victim and her kidnapper. Top brass says this is a lesson to citizens that when you know something isn't right, you have to act quickly so they can too.

Before sunrise a red Saturn Vue pulled into the Marathon station at E. 55th and Woodland. Police say 27 year old Prescious Johnson walked inside, calmly grabbed a drink, then told the man behind the counter she'd been kidnapped.

"We don't know what kind of control he had over her but she alerted the clerk inside the store that she was the victim of a crime and she gave the clerk the license plate number," said 3rd District Police Commander Patrick Stephens.

Surveillance footage doesn't provide a good look at the suspect as he drove away with the victim.  But the store manager assisted police in the investigation, reviewing security footage, then using the vehicle plates and a drivers license to identify the victim.

"My cashier handled it good. She asked them to call police. He called the police right away. He told them there was a girl that was kidnapped," said Marathon manager, Izlam Mustafa.

By 11 am detectives zeroed in on Johnson, and arrested her abductor at the American Motel on Euclid Avenue, near the Euclid/Cleveland border.

"She sustained some injuries earlier today but she looks to be in pretty good condition," said Commander Stephens.

Stephens says if you think someone's in harm's way, this is why you shouldn't hesitate to call 911.

"There is no 24 hiatus before we start looking for folks. If you think something has happened to someone you know you have to call us right away. We'll figure it out, but we can't have this delay in reporting. That first 24 hrs is so critical," said Stephens.