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Browns made right move with Trent


Cleveland (WOIO) - The trade of Trent Richardson on Wednesday not only rocked the city of Cleveland, it sent shock waves throughout the NFL, and dominated the national sports conversation, with most outsiders believing it was yet another bone-head move by the Browns.

Short term, they're going to be right. Trent will line up behind Andrew Luck, on a playoff-bound team, indoors, on turf, and likely burst out of the gate strong as a Colt. His career may finally take off, and if it does, he'll be well-worth the first-round pick that Indy gave up to get him.

But long term, this could potentially change the direction of the Browns for years. It's a quarterback-driven league. If you don't believe me, ask the best running back in the business. Adrian Peterson, who we're going to see on Sunday, is stuck playing on a winless team (for now) as well, because the Vikings don't have that guy at quarterback, either. 

The powers-that-be in Berea made an incredibly unpopular move because they believe they can position themselves to strike gold in the 2014 Draft. It blows up 2013, but how many wins was Trent going to lead them to this season, anyway? He'd racked up 105 yards in two games, both losses. 

At some point, the Browns are going to have a franchise QB, and a franchise RB. But the QB, in this case, will come first, if only because there was a team out there willing to push the Browns, finally, in the right direction.

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