Was the Trent trade good for the Indians?

Was the Trent trade good for the Indians?
Cleveland Indians sign at the game
Cleveland Indians sign at the game

If you're tired of the drama surrounding the Browns, there's a great story happening with the Indians.

They've had a very good season.

Only 10 games to go in the regular season and they are right in the middle of the playoff chase.

"I think they're doing great. I'm pumped.  It's nice to have a winning team.  It feels good. Go Tribe," said Jackie Shofner.

Go Tribe indeed. The Indians are making a push for the playoffs and you can feel the energy and excitement at the ballpark.

Fans are optimistic the Tribe will be playing in the post-season.

"I'm very confident. Absolutely. They're playing well.  This has been a pretty decent season.  I think they're going to make it.  No question about it," added Matt Lewis.

"I think they're going to do it," said Ken Foglesong.

"I hate to predict because I might be wrong.  But I hope they win," said Marian Wilson McGainey.

"Playoffs," asked Jimmy Laffey.

Some of the Indians fans we spoke with are down on the Browns.

"I'm fed up. It's only two games in and they're already saying better luck next year. Giving away Trent Richardson," stated Jackie Shofner.

"The Indians are way far ahead. They mesh.  They're all together in the same place. And the Browns I'm not sure," added Ken Fogelsong.

But there are some whose loyalty never waivers.

"I got their jersey.  He's got their jersey.  Trent Richardson's gone.  Hopefully, it's for the better.  We'll see how it goes," said Tony Paradise.

"Always a Browns fan no matter what choices they make so in the end I think we'll eventually put the team together that we need.  It'll come around one day," added Matt Lewis.

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