Break-Ins stun Chagrin Falls

Break-Ins stun Chagrin Falls

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH (WOIO) - It is a quaint upscale east side village but residents of Chagrin Falls are understandably concerned after three daytime break-ins have occurred over the last few weeks.

And there was almost a fourth.  Lindsay Smith was at home last week when someone tried to break in her home.

"Someone came to the door and attempted to come into the house but my dog started barking and they left, it was really scary," said Smith.

So are these break-ins related? Chagrin Falls police won't say anything other than the matter is under investigation, they have however sent out a robo call to village residents.

"The call came, I believe it was Tuesday, saying there had been three robberies during the daylight and just telling us we need to lock our doors as a precaution," said Chagrin Falls resident Kelly Curtis.

Curtis lives just down the street from one of the crime scenes.

"We have kids that walk to and from school and walk to town regularly, it makes you think not only of the safety of your home but the safety of your kids as well," she said.

Chagrin Falls is known for its beautiful namesake falls for its downtown dining and shopping, it's a destination location and it's not exactly the kind of place you would expect to see a string of robberies, proving once again there is no such place.

"We're surprised all too often what can happen in our own neighborhoods and I've always thought Chagrin is a very, very safe spot to be," said Eleanora Voelkel.

But for now, at least, everyone will be locking their doors and looking over their shoulder.

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