Couple with Down Syndrome nominated for Homecoming Court

Couple with Down Syndrome nominated for Homecoming Court

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - You might say Holly Thomas and Jacob Cox were a match made in heaven.

"They've known each other since infancy, and they are truly a loving couple. An item - it's so sweet and it's so beautiful," says Lori Thomas, Holly's mom.

What may be even more beautiful is the fact that the student body at Westlake High School where they are both seniors nominated them to be homecoming king and queen.

"Are you going to be the next homecoming queen? Yes," says Thomas emphatically.

Holly and Jake have been an item since fifth grade.

"They are so cute. They'll be walking down the hall holding hands," Gina Vandervar, Holly's friend.

They both have Down Syndrome, and they both have a way of lighting up the crowd and making friends with everyone.

"She's like my best friend.  She's like my sister," adds Vandervar.

For Holly's mom the nomination came as a surprise, a win would be great, but this couple has obviously already proven they're treated like royalty at Westlake High School.

"I've been in shock the whole time. I think the fact that they rallied around these kids and recognized them as a couple. That's enough for me," says Thomas with a smile.

The new Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned tonight.

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