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Memorial for Akron teen Taylor Robinson

Taylor Robinson Taylor Robinson

A memorial service will be held for Taylor Robinson on Saturday, September 21 at a church in Akron.

People from the Akron community and beyond rallied together to search for the missing teen but the ending to the story would not be a happy one.

Although her family doesn't have to wonder where she is any longer, they have questions surrounding Taylor's murder.

Taylor's remains were found in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park almost two weeks ago and there have been no more answers about how Taylor went missing in the first place.

Experts still have to do forensic studies to determine how long Taylor's remains were at the park, when her body was put there and how she died.

Taylor's mother dropped her off at a woman's house in the 700 block of Kipling on May 3, to care for the woman's disabled daughter.

Valerie Longmire said that Taylor was at her home caring for her daughter and that her doors were locked and there was no sign of forced entry.  She says she doesn't know what happened to Taylor.

The reward for any information that leads to the arrest has increased to $11,000.

The private investigator working with Taylor's family tells us he has narrowed Taylor's killer to a couple of people. He says police tell him they are nowhere near making an arrest.

Closure, yet, still sadness. Who took Taylor away from this heartbroken mother and family? That person still out there.

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