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Trade Gordon? I'm on board

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that the Browns have placed receivers Josh Gordon and Greg Little are on the trading block. You'd be lucky to get a hot glass of fat and a copy of the Beatles "White Album for Little, and nobody would miss him. Gordon is the real news here. The report says they've already received one quality offer for the receiver from Baylor.

Gordon is the best receiver the Browns have had in years. He's also a complete knuckle head. He told the Plain Dealer he's one failed drug test away from being kicked out of the league. If that's the case, I would take that quality offer immediately. I would actually be more on board with trading Gordon than Richardson, although I didn't hate that trade as much as some. It's pretty simple to me. He hasn't been able to stay clean in the last 8-9 months, why should I believe he'll stay clean the next 8-9 years? He is one bad decision away from having less trade value than a guy on the practice squad, and they don't even have trade value. I just do not trust the guy.

Moving Gordon would be even worse PR than Richardson, if that's even possible. Fans have been screaming for a stud receiver here for what seems like a decade. Gordon seems to fit the bill. Trading him away would reduce the viable targets for their quarterback to Davone Bess and Jordan Cameron. Little is useless. Gordon could also put them in that spot with one more screw up. I say, they should get proactive and beat him to the punch. At least then, they'll get something for him.

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