Fans head to Progressive Field for post-season, but still call Cleveland a 'football town'

Indians are on a hot streak but fans still watching Browns
Indians are on a hot streak but fans still watching Browns

Tribe spirit is strong as the Cleveland Indians continue to be playoff contenders.

Game attendance, although, looks to be getting progressively better, at least for today.  Still, the number of people at Progressive Field is not nearly as many as you'd expect for a team that's on fire.

"It's exciting to watch them," says Indians fan, Kevin Lewis. 

And with the tough week Browns fans had - a week they're obviously still sore over.

"What a shameful thing!  Shame on you to trade your best player and tank the season after two games!" says John Summers, of Mentor.

You'd think all eyes would be right here.

At A.J. Roccos, despite the Indians Fans photo op, customers are still watching the Browns. The Indians game almost seems like background noise.  

"This is a Browns town.  I think we are all Clevelanders. I just think we should all root for the teams and not pin them against each other," says Cleveland fan, Brendan Walton.

At the Huron Point Tavern another small crowd that appears to be cozying up to the Browns game, or are they?

Shaun Burson, Indians fan, says "We should be paying attention to the Indians supporting the team."

"People just aren't used to having a winning team, so I think it shocks them a little bit when we actually do have the team here that could make the playoffs," Kevin Burson said. 

A few steps away shows a humorous chalk drawing of Trent Richardson sailing away from the Browns on Lake Erie.

That doesn't stop the crowd next door at the Clevelander from cheering on the Brownies here, as well.  A giant screen playing the Indians game seems to go almost unnoticed.

Lifelong Browns fan Deirdre Hart said, "Everyone here today is more concerned with football than they are with the Tribe.  It's sad because our team is doing well.  They might hit the playoffs.  It's a football town."

If the Indians do go to the playoffs though, make no mistake about it.  Business owners here know that will knock their bottom line out of the park.

"When they win, we win - absolutely," Hart added.

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