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Business is booming for downtown Cleveland hotels and convention center

Aloft Hotel Aloft Hotel

This week Cleveland is booming and booking a hotel is difficult because of some big events happening. Now is the new Cleveland Convention Center being used to host any of them?  That is the question.

It's a pretty simple answer... The Cleveland Convention Center is booked solid this week starting on Wednesday. 

This week the Ohio State University is hosting their "But for Ohio State" fundraiser at the convention center in which 500 people are in Cleveland to attend.

Hotel rooms are hard to come by in downtown Cleveland including the Marriott.  It's full.

On Wednesday the American Planning Association of Ohio's Annual Conference kicks off at the convention center.  The Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland is booked up.

This year our convention center will host 99 events after opening last July.  16 are national conventions and 34 are centered around healthcare.

 "We know when people leave here they are going to go back and tell them what a great experience they had and that will bring even more people down here.  The steps?  We are walking and now running.  We are excited to have people here," says Jennifer Kramer of Positively Cleveland.

We have already hosted the National Senior Summer Games and the Content Marketing World Conference which racked up more than 2,500 hotel rooms this month.  

12 more national conventions are headed here this year including the upcoming Rock & Roll Marathon and Fitness Expo in early October.

Other downtown spots are booming too. The 2013 Ohio Hip Hop Awards and Music Conference rocks off on Friday through Sunday over at Play House Square and the House of Blues.   

The only hotel room available this week in downtown Cleveland is at the new Aloft Hotel for $189 a night.

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