Elderly woman warns of campaign scam

A 78 year old woman is sending a warning -- some people knocked at her door claiming to be elections board workers asking for personal information.

It happened on Durant off Lakeview on Cleveland's east side.

Juanita walker found strangers at her door and got suspicious. She says a young man and woman claimed they were from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

They wanted her birth date and social security number for an absentee ballot. Juanita said something's wrong here.

"They said they were from the Board of Elections and they wanted my name, birth date, and social security number," said Juanita.

"I told 'em no. I don't give that information out to nobody," she added.

Juanita's grandson says the visitors even identified themselves to him.

The Board of Elections does not send workers to homes like that asking for personal information.

Juanita doesn't know if the visitors were campaign workers or con artists or both. But she has advice if you're not sure.

"Close the door," she said.

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