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Peaceful end to 5 hour SWAT standoff in Parma

Standoff on State Road, Parma Standoff on State Road, Parma

Police arrested a 21-year-old Parma man who was involved in an early morning standoff with officers.

At approximately 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, the police received a call from a tenant inside an apartment building on State Road. The caller indicated that the man living in a third-floor apartment was breaking the apartment windows and was yelling out the window.

Parma Police officers arrived on the scene and encountered the man, who was standing at the windows of his apartment.

The suspect saw the officers and immediately indicated he was armed with a "Mac-10" machine pistol and he yelled at the officers to put their hands up. Officers were able to get to a position of safety where they spoke with the man through the third-floor window. He refused to surrender to police, and demanded a phone.

At one point, he appeared to be yelling at another person inside of the apartment. Residents in nearby apartments were evacuated, and State Road was closed.

SWAT team officers were in communication with the man for awhile, but then the suspect got quiet. At that time, police and swat officers entered the building and arrested the suspect without incident.

He was transported to Parma Hospital for self-inflicted injuries.

The standoff is still under investigation with the anticipation of criminal charges forthcoming after consultation with prosecutors.

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